Kindergarten Informational Text Sets

Grade K

Kindergarten Informational Text Sets are organized to meet content standards as well as the reading needs of individual students.

Teaching with text sets stimulates your students' interest by offering them choices of what to read. Multiple texts representing multiple perspectives provide you and your students with the materials they need to achieve the goals set forth by the Common Core State Standards. Each Informational Text Set includes:
  • Read-Aloud title(s)
  • 6 copies of each Leveled Book
  • Topic-specific Teacher Guide
    • Tips for teaching with informational text sets
    • Lesson plans
    • CCSS-aligned assessments (Selected Response, Constructed Response, and Performance Tasks)
  • Display Box
Science Text Sets
 Animal Behavior Set GRL AF
ScienceAnimals Hide Read-Aloud Book
Who Made These Holes? Read-Aloud Big Book
Animal Homes
Animal Noises
Cub's First Year
How Are They Alike?
Life in a Tree
Sleeping Animals
What Animals Need
What Do Animals Do?
 Motion and Change Set GRL AF
SciencePush and Pull Read-Aloud Book
Push and Pull Photo Card Set
We Need Energy Read-Aloud Big Book
All Kinds of Energy
Force of Gravity
Solid or Liquid
Up, Down, All Around
Water Changes
What Floats
Will It Come Down?
Will It Roll?
Social Studies Text Sets
 Families Set GRL BE
My Family Tree Read-Aloud Big Book
Families Help Each Other
Family Work and Fun
Growing Up
Helping in the Yard
My Baby Sister
We Are Special
Working at Home
 Myself Set GRL AD
Me Read-Aloud Book
My Face Read-Aloud Big Book
Can You See Me?
Getting Ready for School
My Five Senses
On My Head
Things I Can Do
Math Text Set
 Math Set GRL AD
MathAdd to Ten Read-Aloud Big Book
Add on a Number Line
Big and Little
Count by Fives
Count by Twos
Count On
11 to 20
You Can Measure

GRL: Guided Reading Level

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Kindergarten Informational Text Sets
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-827508 Animal Behavior: 48 Student Books (6 each of 8 titles); 2 Read Alouds; 1 Teacher Guide $306.00
WA-827511 Motion and Change: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 2 Read Alouds; 1 Photo Card Set; 1 Teacher Guide $325.00
WA-827509 Families: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide $325.00
WA-827512 Myself: 48 Student Books (6 each of 8 titles); 2 Read Alouds; 1 Teacher Guide $306.00
WA-827510 Math: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide $325.00

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