Additional Math Big Books

Grades K to 3

Discover the equation for math and reading success with engaging Big Books.

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Algebraic Thinking Big Books
TitleGRL / EILTitleGRL / EIL
The Fact FamiliesJPatterns-

Data Analysis Big Books
TitleGRL / EILTitleGRL / EIL
Everything in Order!G / 12Short, Tall, Big, or Small?G / 11
Graph It!I / 15Who Wears Shoes?G / 12

Geometry Big Books
TitleGRL / EILTitleGRL / EIL
From Circles to CubesJTiling ShapesN / 22
Solid Shapes-Up, Down, All AroundG / 12

Measurement Big Books
TitleGRL / EILTitleGRL / EIL
Give It a Guess!L / 19Time-
Let's Measure-Time and TemperatureJ
Measuring UpH / 13Units of MeasureH / 14

Numbers & Operations Big Books
TitleGRL / EILTitleGRL / EIL
Adding AnimalsE / 7Numbers Every DayH / 13
Dollars and CentsJNumbers to 100-
Fractions-Numbers to 50-
How Many?E / 8Numbers, Numbers, Numbers-
Make a Good GuessJParts of a WholeH / 13
Math StoriesH / 14Skip-CountingI / 15
Money-Solve It!I / 15
More or Less?E / 8Two-Digit Numbers-
More Than Ten-What Is Place Value?I / 16

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