Smart Word

Grades K to 8

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Accelerate vocabulary growth and close the achievement gap with a powerful word study card for every leveled book.

Smart Word is critical for students who come to school with limited oral language skills. The statistics are clear—these students start out with a deficit that continues to widen if they are not part of a solid vocabulary program. Research-based Smart Word gives all students the rich, robust vocabulary instruction they need for success in the classroom and in life.

Engaging and effective, four-sided cards translate best vocabulary practices into routines and activities for every leveled book. Plus, each card gives your Spanish-speaking ELLs a powerful linguistic support system.

Each Newbridge Leveled Book 6-Pack includes one FREE Smart Word vocabulary card. See a complete list of titles.

  • Build vocabulary power with robust instruction of at least two new, high-impact "Tier 2" words per day.
  • Teach students strategies for unlocking unknown words all by themselves.
  • Boost vocabulary skills for all students by helping them develop "Word Consciousness."
  • Prepare students for high-stakes tests by teaching the academic vocabulary they need to succeed.
(At 2.4 Root Words Per Day)
(At 1.6 Root Words Per Day)
End of Pre-K3,4002,400
End of K4,3003,016
End of Grade 15,1603,592
End of Grade 26,0204,168
The bottom 25 percent of students begin Kindergarten with 1,000 fewer root-word meanings than average students. Without the right instruction, this gap will expand.

"One reason teachers are concerned about teaching vocabulary is to facilitate the comprehension of a text that students will be assigned to read. If students do not know the meaning of many of the words that they will encounter in a text, their comprehension of that selection is likely to be compromised."
— John J. Pikulski and Shane Templeton, 2004

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