Accelerated Reader® Quizzes

Grades K to 6

The reading management technology tool you've been looking for!

Now it's easier than ever to inspire the love of reading in every student and to match each student with the appropriate reading material. The results—improved reading and test scores!

Individual quizzes are available for selected titles from a variety of Newbridge product lines.

To Order Quizzes:

  • Order individual Quizzes by Quiz Number from Renaissance Learning at
  • For individual Quiz Numbers by product line, click on the links below.
    • Newbridge Discovery Links®
    • Science Extended Reading
      • The Predators Discovery Library (English and Spanish Versions)
      • Eye to Eye with Snakes Discovery Library (English and Spanish Versions)
      • The Bird Discovery Library (English and Spanish Versions)
      • The Sea Mammal Discovery Library (English and Spanish Versions)
    • Social Studies Extended Reading
      • Holiday Celebrations (Grades 2–4)
      • Around the World with Food & Spices (Grades 2–4)
      • American Symbols (Grades 2–4)
      • Land of Liberty (Grades 2–4)
      • Kids in Their Communities (Grades 2–3)
      • Our Community (Grades 2–3)
      • The Kids' Career Library (Grades 2–3)
      • Living and Working in Colonial Times (Grades 3–5)
      • Famous Native Americans (Grades 3–5)
      • Kids Throughout History (Grades 3–5)
      • Documents that Shaped the Nation (Grades 4–5)
      • Discover the Life of an Explorer (Grades 4–6)
      • The Expansion of America (Grades 4–6)
      • Timelines of Ancient Civilizations (Grades 5–6)
      • People Who Made a Difference (Grades 1–3)
      • American Legends (Grades 3–5)
      • Discover the Life of a Colonial American (Grades 4–5)
      • Heroes of the American Revolution (Grades 4–5)
Installation of the Accelerated Reader software is necessary.

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