Grade 5 Informational Text Sets

Grade 5

Grade 5 Informational Text Sets are organized to meet content standards as well as the reading needs of individual students.

Teaching with text sets stimulates your students' interest by offering them choices of what to read. Multiple texts representing multiple perspectives provide you and your students with the materials they need to achieve the goals set forth by the Common Core State Standards. Each Informational Text Set includes:
  • Read-Aloud title(s)
  • 6 copies of each Leveled Book
  • Topic-specific Teacher Guide
    • Tips for teaching with informational text sets
    • Lesson plans
    • CCSS-aligned assessments (Selected Response, Constructed Response, and Performance Tasks)
  • Display Box
Science Text Sets
 Earth and Space Set • GRL T–V • 780L–1040L
ScienceEye on the Universe • Read-Aloud Book
Planet in Distress • Read-Aloud Book
Earth Beneath Your Feet
Discovering the Moons of Jupiter
How to Discover the World
How to Survive Asteroids and Other Disasters
Restless Earth
Ring of Fire
Rocks, Minerals, and Soil
Secrets from the Ice
Understanding Biomes
 Human Body Set • GRL T–V • 830L–1000L
ScienceCells • Read-Aloud Book
Cells to Systems
Don’t Sweat It: Regulating Body Temperature
Infections, Infestations, and Diseases
Looking Inside: New Views of the Human Body
Outbreak! Controlling Disease
You Can't Wear These Genes
 Science and Technology Set • GRL T–V • 825L–970L
ScienceInventors and Discoveries • Read-Aloud Book
Amusement Park Science
Analyze This: Testing Materials
Enterprise STEM
Scientists on the Cutting Edge
Using Scientific Tools
Social Studies Text Sets
 US History: 1850+ Set • GRL T–V • 820L–1180L
The Gettysburg Address • Read-Aloud Book
The California Gold Rush
The Emancipation Proclamation
The Gilded Age
The Harlem Renaissance: Profiles in Creativity
The Louisiana Purchase
Slave Revolts: The Fight to be Free
The Story of America's Trains
 World History Set • GRL T–V • 740L–920L
Born to Explore • Read-Aloud Book
Deserted Stone Cities • Read-Aloud Book
Boars, Barley, and Broth: Food in the Ancient World
Constantinople: The Jewel of Two Emperors
How to Live in the Dark Ages
Knights and Samurai
Ruins of Mesoamerica
Rulers of India
Scoundrels of the Sea: Pirates and Privateers
Warriors of Sparta and Athens
Math Text Set
 Math Set • GRL T–U • 830L–940L
MathSpace Math (Read-Aloud Book)
Construction Math
Kitchen Math
Map Math
Medical Math
Money Math
Music Math
Sports Math
Time Math
GRL: Guided Reading Level

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Grade 5 Informational Text Sets
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationLexile®Price
WA-827539 Earth and Space: 54 books (6 each of 9 titles); 2 Read Alouds; 1 Teacher Guide 780L - 1040L $455.00
WA-827540 Human Body: 42 books (6 each of 7 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 830L - 1000L $370.00
WA-827541 Science and Technology: 36 books (6 each of 6 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 825L - 970L $312.00
WA-827542 US History: 1850+: 42 books (6 each of 7 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 820L - 1180L $380.00
WA-827543 World History: 66 books (6 each of 11 titles); 2 Read Alouds; 1 Teacher Guide 740L - 920L $566.00
WA-827544 Math: 48 books (6 each of 8 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide 830L - 940L $465.00

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