Phonics Vowel Books

Grades PreK to 2

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Web Exclusive! Sets of Vowel Big Books and Student Books

Introduce phonics and motivate students in a fun-filled, humorous way with sets of 10 Vowel Big Books and coordinating Vowel Student Books.

Sundance Phonics Vowel Books provide a bright and colorful, fun-filled approach to helping kids recognize vowel sounds. Children will be unaware they are learning the phonetic value of letters as they progress through these engaging books.

Available as Big Books!
Designed to capture children's attention and imagination, the Sundance Phonics Vowel Big Books are perfect read-alouds to develop phonemic awareness of the vowel sounds among the youngest readers. Or use them as shared reading phonics readers for children who can read high-frequency words and are ready to learn long vowel alternate spellings.

Sundance Phonics Vowel Big and Student Books feature:

  • 10 Vowel Books, 12-pages each
  • 5 Short Vowel and 5 Long Vowel sounds—a, e, i, o, u
  • Bright, colorful, real-world photography with strong picture-text correlation
  • An opening pictionary to introduce vowel sounds
  • Humorous, rhythmic text culminating in a rebus
  • High frequency words that students will recognize
  • A fun-filled approach to identifying vowel sounds including alternate spellings of long vowel sounds
Teacher Idea Book features:
  • Step-by-step plan for incorporating phonics lessons into your Language Arts curriculum
  • Activities that reinforce the letter-sound connection
  • Warm-up and Follow-up activities

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Phonics Vowel Books
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-21225 Student Book Classroom Set: 60 Student Books (6 each of 10 titles) and FREE Teacher Idea Book $227.50
WA-23673 Big Book Single Copy Set: 10 Big Books (1 each of 10 titles) and FREE Teacher Idea Book $289.00
WA-23302 Big and Student Book Classroom Set: 10 Big Books (1 each of 10 titles); 60 Student Books (6 each of 10 titles); Teacher Idea Book $465.00

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