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Read to Learn: Social StudiesóCommunities

Grade 3

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Students will learn about all kinds of communities, past and presentóhow we take care of our communities, govern ourselves, and celebrate special people, places, and events.

Communities includes:

  • What is a Community? Theme Big Book (16" x 20", 16 pages)
    This Theme Big Book is an introduction and review of rural, suburban, and urban communities, in the United States and around the world.
  • 16 Student Books (8 1/4" x 11", 24 pages)
    Student titles explore the concept of what a community is, how communities have changed over time, as well as how people govern and shape community life.
  • 16 Teacher Guides (8 1/2" x 11", 16 pages)
    One Guide for each student book provides comprehensive teacher support.
All of these components work in concert with the 3 Read to Learn Resource Big Books
  • Getting Information from Maps
  • Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams
  • America's Landforms
These 3 Resource Big Books can be used over and over again and across the grades to build social studies skills.

Read to Learn: Social Studies E-Books
Read to Learn: Social Studies Student Books are now available in E-Book format!
E-Books Available

  • Purchase one-time-only, with 6-Packs
  • Unlimited circulation throughout a building
  • Device neutral: web-based, mobile-friendly, and iPad-compatible; perfect for interactive whiteboards
  • Access at school or home, anywhere, anytime

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Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile® Page Count
America on Parade 3 N 720L 24
Apple Country 3 N 700L 24
At Home on the Ranch 3 N 800L 24
Communities Change 3 O 590L 24
Everyday Inventions 3 P 760L 24
From Trolleys to Trains 3 O 730L 24
Getting The News! 3 M 710L 24
Helping Out: Community Volunteers 3 M 830L 24
Making Communities Shine 3 N 710L 24
Native American Homes 3 O 720L 24
A New Life in America 3 N 740L 24
Our Government at Work 3 P 710L 24
Peanut Farming 3 O 690L 24
Settling The West 3 N 750L 24
Shopping Then & Now 3 N 750L 24
What Is A Capital? 3 O 710L 24


Read to Learn: Social StudiesóCommunities
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPriceStandards Correlations
WA-828857 Complete 6-Pack Set: 16 Student Book 6-Packs (96 books); 16 E-Book (PDFs); 16 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 16 Teacher Guides; Theme Big Book $871.00  
WA-820933 Single Copy Set: 16 Student Books; Theme Big Book $169.00  
WA-821624 What Is a Community? Theme Big Book $40.00 Correlate
WA-821643 Set of 3 Resource Big Books $120.00  
WA-821623 Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams Resource Big Book $40.00 Correlate
WA-821622 Getting Information from Maps Resource Big Book $40.00 Correlate
WA-821621 America's Landforms Resource Big Book $40.00 Correlate

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