Songs for Learning: Language Set

Grades PreK to 2

Teach basic concepts and build skills across the curriculum with lively songs and activities!

This 6-MP3 Album set contains 10-12 songs per album, with accompanying Teacher Guides. Packed with activities that complement the songs, each 16-page Teacher Guide features creative games, complete song lyrics, and student reproducibles to use in your classroom!

  • Holiday Songs: 1. Can You Pretend?; 2. Spooky Walk; 3. Pumpkins; 4. The Turkey Stroll; 5. Thanksgiving Song; 6. Spin, Dreidel, Spin; 7. Santa's Coming; 8. Valentine Land; 9. The Leprechaun Song; 10. Bunny in a Hurry; 11. The Maypole Song; 12. Flag Day Parade

  • Language Skills: 1. The Riddle-Rhyme Song; 2. My Animals; 3. Opposites; 4. Over, Under; 5. Weekday Rock; 6. The Royal Family; 7. Johnnie Kookamunga; 8. The Q & A Song; 9. What's in the Box?; 10. Inside, Outside; 11. Shout It Out!; 12. Near or Far?

  • Make Believe: 1. Use Your Imagination; 2. Bubbles; 3. Super Seeds; 4. Pencil Pretend; 5. Imaginary Friends; 6. Cowboys and Cowgirls; 7. Those Magic Shoes!; 8. My Cloud; 9. Dinosaurs; 10. Ocean Friends; 11. Imagination Hat; 12. Yummy Weather

  • Nursery Rhymes: 1. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe; 2. Diddle Diddle Dumpling; 3. Hickory Dickory Dock; 4. To the Barbershop; 5. Wee Willie Winkie; 6. The Hare; 7. Jack Be Nimble; 8. Hey Diddle Diddle; 9. Little Birds; 10. Rub-a-Dub-Dub; 11. As I Was Going Along; 12. Mother Goose Is Loose

  • Seasonal Songs: 1. The Four Seasons; 2. Fall Leaves; 3. Nutty Squirrel; 4. Ant and Grasshopper; 5. Building a Snowman; 6. Freeze and Melt!; 7. Snowflakes; 8. Blow, Winds, Blow; 9. The Magic Seed; 10. We All Get Together; 11. Bug; 12. Fun in the Summertime

  • Storytelling: 1. Space Story; 2. Noisy House; 3. The Gerbil; 4. The Three Little Pigs; 5. The Mitten; 6. Lion and Mouse; 7. Red, Red Racers; 8. A Spider from Behind; 9. House on the Hill; 10. A Difficult Day; 11. Nightingale
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Sing Along to
the Spooky Walk

See complete lyrics for Spooky Walk, from the popular Holiday Songs album.

Listen to a sound clip from Spooky Walk. (350K MP3)

Download a reproducible Spooky Walk Maze for children to solve and color, from the Holiday Songs Teacher's Guide.
Download a Halloween Maze!

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Songs for Learning: Language Set
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WA-829129 Complete Set: 6 MP3 Albums; 6 Teacher Guides $99.00
WA-829123 Holiday Songs: MP3 Album and Teacher Guide $19.95
WA-829124 Language Skills: MP3 Album and Teacher Guide $19.95
WA-829125 Make Believe: MP3 Album and Teacher Guide $19.95
WA-829126 Nursery Rhymes: MP3 Album and Teacher Guide $19.95
WA-829127 Seasonal Songs: MP3 Album and Teacher Guide $19.95
WA-829128 Storytelling: MP3 Album and Teacher Guide $19.95

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