Nonfiction Theme Sets

Grades 1 to 3

Nonfiction Theme Sets - Winner of the Learning Magazine 2010 Teachers' Choice AwardWinner of the Learning® Magazine 2010 Teachers' ChoiceSM Award!

Teach nonfiction reading skills through concept-related books at just the right level for each student

Nonfiction Theme Sets provide books at 3 different levels of reading difficulty. Each book addresses the same core content standards, while focusing on a different topic that relates back to the Big Book—so all students have something unique to contribute to class discussions!

Help your students develop the skills and strategies they need to become strong readers, while teaching essential Science, Social Studies, and Math content. 21 flexible and effective Theme Sets cover a variety of topics to match your curriculum. In addition, each leveled title features a book label and every 6-Pack includes a FREE Smart Word vocabulary card.

  • Ensure all students have equal access to key standards-based content.
  • Introduce nonficton text features to prepare children for real-life reading.
  • Motivate students with appropriately leveled books.
Theme Set Components:
  • 1 Big Book for large-group instruction with 6 matching Little Books.
  • 3 Leveled Reader 6-Packs to expand all students' understanding of the theme.
  • 3 Audio Books to promote fluency, reinforce concepts, and support English-Language Learners.
  • Set of 4 laminated Language Development Cards in both English and Spanish to reinforce the theme's concepts and build vocabulary skills.
  • Teacher Guide with step-by-step instruction for developing the content-area concepts and guiding differentiated reading.
    • Clear identification of reading and content-area objectives.
    • Ideas for building background and introducing key content vocabulary.
    • Support for English-Language Learners.
    • Instruction for teaching nonfiction text features.
    • Take a look inside! Download a FREE Teacher Guide sampler.
  • Assessment Booklet to monitor student progress.
    • Comprehension Checks to assess students' understanding of the content within the text.
    • Pretests and Posttests to inform teaching and measure growth.
  • Writing Activities CD-ROM to build writing skills and extend the learning.
  • 4 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards.
  • A FREE Storage/Display Box with every Complete Theme Unit purchase.
Take a Look Inside Nonfiction Theme Sets!

Download a Free Teacher Guide Sampler

Teacher Reviews

Classroom teachers like you chose Nonfiction Theme Sets for the 2010 Teachers' Choice Award!

"The sets are excellent to use for integrating your science and math into your reading instruction."

"I would definitely recommend this product for 1st/2nd grade teachers. The books were engaging and well-organized."

"My students learned the parts of a non-fiction text such as table of contents, diagrams, captions and index."

Read on for more reviews...

Titles in this Series Content Area Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level
Nonfiction Theme Sets: Life Science Science 1 - 3 E - Q
Nonfiction Theme Sets: Earth Science Science 1 - 3 E - M
Nonfiction Theme Sets: Physical Science Science 1 - 3 F - R
Nonfiction Theme Sets: People, Places, and Environments Social Studies 1 - 3 D - R
Nonfiction Theme Sets: Civic Ideals and Practices Social Studies 1 - 3 E - Q
Nonfiction Theme Sets: Culture Social Studies 1 - 3 F - R
Nonfiction Theme Sets: Measurement Math 1 - 3 E - M


Nonfiction Theme Sets
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-32479 Big Book Collection: 21 Big Books; 21 Teacher Guides; 3 FREE Clear Vinyl Tote Bags $799.00
WA-36155 Complete Program: 21 Theme Sets: 21 Big Books; 21 Matching Student Book 6-Packs; 63 Leveled Reader 6-Packs; 63 Audio Books; 21 Language Development Card Sets (84 cards); 84 Smart Word Vocabulary Cards; 21 Teacher Guides; 21 Assessment Books; Writing Activities CD-ROM; 21 FREE Storage/Display Boxes $4,414.00

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