Common Core State Standards

Meet the Common Core State Standards with Sundance/Newbridge Books!

Sundance/Newbridge Books Meet the Common Core State Standards
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Transition to CCSS-Aligned Instruction and Assessment with Sundance/Newbridge Best-Selling Programs!

Making the transition to the new Language Arts instruction mandated by the Common Core State Standards takes a lot of support. Turn to Sundance/Newbridge for:

Spotlight on Comprehension

Spotlight on Comprehension
Prepare Students to Become Active and Successful Readers, Writers, and Thinkers!
Newbridge Discovery Links Newbridge Discovery Links
Integrate Science and Social Studies into your reading instruction with our best-selling standards-based leveled reading program

A comprehensive literacy program of fiction/nonfiction leveled readers, across a variety of themes and genres.
Early Science Early Science
Standards-based Science content at 3 levels of reading ability!
Newbridge Reading Quest Newbridge Reading Quest
Engaging Science content presented in a unique magazine format!
Reading PowerWorks Sundance Reading PowerWorks
Teach Science, Social Studies, and Math content with a differentiated instruction program that will help students develop their reading skills!
Search for all Sundance or Newbridge titles aligned to state, national, and Common Core State standards.

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