Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Wins Learning® Magazine 2012 Teachers' ChoiceSM Award

Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Wins Teachers' Choice AwardClassroom teachers like you chose Weird, Wild, and Wonderful for this prestigious award!
Below are comments from their reviews.

"I would highly recommend these books. My highest leveled reader loved them, and wanted to know if I had more. And then my lowest reader actually sat and read through the book and was able to write down things that he learned about his book. You can't ask for more than this! I will enjoy using these books to improve reading and science knowledge for all of my students."

"I definitely would recommend this product. The students had so much fun with these books and learned a lot at the same time. ...A great product for reluctant readers!"

"One of the most outstanding features is the Teacher's Guide. It is well written and has many components that are essential to a good guided reading lesson, which is how I used the product. The nonfiction texts captivated and peaked the students' interest. The graphic organizer was of good quality and made the children think."

"The photos are amazing, very colorful and catch your interest. You can use this collection of books across the curriculum, in reading, vocabulary development, for ESL learners, not just science. They pack a lot of information in one book!"

"I loved these books. These are great books to use for reading groups. Students can get bored easily reading the same readers or just fiction stories. These books give them a chance to practice reading skills, but also allow them to learn some fun facts about animals. I loved the great photography in each book and the interesting facts. These will definitely motivate reluctant readers. I also liked that the teacher guides came with graphic organizers and lessons."

"I thought the books themselves were wonderful with great illustrations and a variety of story elements in the text. The vocabulary card was helpful and gave great ideas. I really liked the way the lesson plans were laid out. They were easy to use and I was able to add/subtract as needed. The blackline masters were also helpful."

"I enjoyed the way each of the books was organized. The information was presented in a kid-friendly, but not childish manner. The pictures and photographs were captivating to students without being too graphic."

"These made great reading group books. Students were excited to read them as they offered a change of pace from their regular reading series. Additionally, students were still able to enjoy browsing through them during free reading time."

"I used this product as a guided reading book. It allowed for individual as well as partner sharing. The students especially enjoyed the pictures and the 'fact bites.' The pictures are outstanding and allowed the students to see different animal life."

"I used this product with enrichment groups to teach nonfiction organization to the students. My students were able to learn new vocabulary, some facts, reading comprehension (even the lower level readers were able to read a good part of them independently because they were so interested). They also learned about the table of contents and index. Depending on the topic they also were able to learn lots of interesting information."

"Students were able to practice reading skills, such as making predictions, comprehension, organizing thoughts with graphic organizers, and cause and effect. They also learned new vocabulary words and learned new facts about animals."

"There are many skills embedded in each lesson/book. Students were able to review genre, captions, topics, and facts to name a few. The books fit into our science curriculum and allowed the students to explore interesting animals in a different way."

"The kids learned science and literacy skills including fluency, comprehension and nonfiction literary elements. Students learned about nonfiction text features, mammals, insects, and arachnids."

"I would definitely recommend this product. The wide variety of subjects, the illustrations and text, the helpful lesson plans and the vocabulary cards are the reason I would recommend this to a co-worker. It is also easy to integrate into the curriculum."

"The graphics were high quality and the content was specific and on their level. The included activities were effective with teaching comprehension and science content."

"I would recommend this product to others because I found it to be a valuable tool to teach science through read-aloud and the literacy first process."

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