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Reading Quest Program Tour

Reading Quest for Content-Area Literacy

quest \kwest\ n. 
1. investigation 2. search or pursuit  3. an act of seeking, especially an enterprise involving an adventurous journey

Welcome to the world of Reading Quest, a content-area literacy program built around the middle school science and social studies curricula. This series of books provides access to content, and tools for accessing that content. Students learn to read and write informational text through content that reinforces and extends what they are studying in their basal texts. The result? Content-area literacy!
Reading Quest: Born to Explore
How Reading Quest Develops Content-Area Literacy:
  • Builds fluency in reading and writing informational text
  • Models effective comprehension strategies
  • Utilizes standards-based science and social studies content
  • Better prepares students for state tests
  • Encourages team planning among teachers
 Begin your journey with Reading Quest. Tour the program and take a look inside the books...
How Reading Quest is Built Around Research-Based Instructional Practices How Reading Quest Instructional Strategies Provide Teacher and Student Support Reading Quest Components at a Glance
How Reading Quest Meets the Needs of Both Students and Teachers Who Should Use Reading Quest? Program Organization:
How Reading Quest Reinforces Your Textbook Content
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April 26, 2018

Dr. Patricia Anders
Reading Quest was developed under the direction of Patricia Anders, an expert on adolescent literacy. Dr. Anders is a well-respected educator and author who has done extensive research on developmental reading education, specifically, reading comprehension and reading and writing in the content areas. Currently, she is a Professor in the Department of Language, Reading and Culture at the University of Arizona.

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