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America's Symbols

Grades K to 2

Students are introduced to American symbols including: the flag, the Liberty Bell, the American eagle, the Great Seal of the United States, and the White House.

From the Newbridge Early Social Studies: Our United States Topic Set.

Available components:

  • Big Book
  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Book
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America's Symbols
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationEI LevelGR LevelWord CountPriceStandards Correlations
WA-820826 Theme Unit: Big Book; Student Book 6-Pack; Teacher Guide; FREE Tote Bag     $78.00  
WA-820827 Big Book and Guide     $38.75  
WA-820794 Student Book 19 L 472 $6.55  
WA-820794-06 Student Book 6-Pack 19 L $39.30 Correlate

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