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Nonfiction Independent Reading

Nonfiction Independent Reading Books

Provide your students with varied opportunities to experience informational text while appealing to their interests and curiosities. Practice builds fluency and leads to success. Research shows that the more you read, the better you read and write. Newbridge offers numerous high-interest nonfiction books and libraries that are ideal for use in the literacy-centered classroom.

These nonfiction collections:

  • support content-area reading
  • build nonfiction reading skills
  • increase vocabulary and build fluency
Turn to Newbridge's independent reading books to ensure students' reading and writing success.

Sets & Collections

Reading Comprehension Science
  • Sundance/Newbridge Grades K–5 Next Generation Science Standards Transition Sets (Grades K–5)
    Pre-made sets of high-interest, leveled books and instructional support to help you transition to the NGSS.
  • Sundance/Newbridge STEM Sets (Grades K–6)
    Introduce STEM topics and prepare your students for 21st Century challenges.
  • Comprehension Strategy Libraries (Grades 1–5)
    Extend comprehension instruction with high-interest leveled books for independent reading!
  • Go Facts Classroom Library (Grades K–5) Save 10% Now!
    Build on students' natural curiosity while exposing them to models of nonfiction writing.
  • My Science Library (Grades K–5)
    Build your Science classroom library with books that align to the NSTA Science Standards.
  • Inside Outer Space (Grades K–3)
    Take readers on an intergalactic journey with 10 titles that inform students on the Sun, Earth, planets, and stars.
  • Biomes (Grades K–3)
    8 titles that support the shift in the Next Generation Science Standards. Print and E-Book sets available.
  • How It Works (Grades 1–3)
    Introduce young readers to engineering and design by exploring the mechanics behind the machine.
  • Green Earth Science Discovery Library (Grades 1–3)
    Introduce children to the importance of being green with real world examples and hands-on activities.
  • Life Cycles (Grades 2–4)
    Beautiful photographs and creative design make plant and animal life cycles come to life for all readers.
  • Science Discovery Libraries (Grades 2–4) Save 30% Now!
    A fascinating collection of reading libraries on wild animals, snakes, birds, and sea mammals.
  • Eye to Eye with Animals (Grades 2–5)
    Rich content and stunning photographs bring fascinating creatures to life, as students learn about animals' characteristics and habitats.
  • Eye to Eye with Endangered Habitats (Grades 3–5)
    Show students why important habitats such as coral reefs, rainforests, and glaciers are worth saving.
  • Eye to Eye with Endangered Species (Grades 3–5)
    Learn about six species facing extinction, the dangers they contend with, and how these animals can be saved.
  • Engineering Wonders (Grades 3–6)
    6 photo-rich books break down complex engineering concepts into digestible, intriguing text that will engage readers.
  • Ranger Rick Science Classroom Library (Grades 3–6)
    A dynamic collection to encourage student exploration of science and geography.
  • Let's Explore Science (Grades 4–6)
    Delve into current hot topics in science and important science standards—including the environment, genetics, and diseases.
  • Insects As... (Grades 4–6)
    Fascinating information that will excite and inspire students towards the discovery that insects are not just pests!
  • STEM Everyday (Grades 4–8)
    Students apply math skills to solve everyday questions and word problems. Print and E-Book sets available!
  • Sky Watching (Grades 4–8)
    Captivate students as they explore Earth's atmosphere and space. E-Book included with every 6-Pack!
  • Disaster Watch (Grades 4–8)
    Engage students with information about natural disasters. E-Book included with every 6-Pack!
  • Climate Change (Grades 4–8)
    Show students how climate change is affecting both the natural and the human worlds. E-Book included with every 6-Pack!
  • STEAM Every Day (Grades 5–8)
    Discover the ways Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math comes into play within students' daily lives.
  • Biodiversity (Grades 4–8)
    Examine habitats and ecosystems, the threats they face, and the efforts to conserve them. E-Book included with every 6-Pack!
  • Reading Quest Classroom Library (Grades 6–8)
    Achieve content area literacy with high-interest titles built around social studies and science curricula.
Social Studies Math

April 24, 2018

Ready-Made NGSS & CCSS Sets!
Middle Grades Book Collections
Grades K–5 NGSS Transition Sets

Middle Grades Book Collections

Grades K–5 CCSS Readiness Sets

Informational Text Sets

Grade Level Collections
Grade Level Collections Specially priced collections of bestselling titles

Comprehension Strategy Libraries
Comprehension Strategy Libraries
Now Expanded to
Grades 4/5!

Give your students the opportunity to apply critical comprehension strategies while reading independently.

Independent Reading
Sundance Informational Text Trade Book Sets
20 New Nonfiction Trade Sets!

Inside Outer Space

U.S. Government and Civics

United States Regions

Symbols of Freedom

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