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Standards-Based Social Studies for PreK–8

Standards-Based Social Studies Books

Capture students' natural curiosity with content that supports state and national social studies and geography standards.

Common Core State Standards

Sets & Collections Reading Comprehension Leveled Reading

  • Discovery Links Social Studies (Grades K–5)
    Help all students succeed with nonfiction leveled reading built around social studies standards.
  • Nonfiction Theme Sets (Grades 1–3)
    Teach nonfiction reading skills through concept-related books at just the right level for each student.
  • Reading Quest (Grades 6–8)
    Build fluency and literacy across middle school social studies and science curricula.

Core Social Studies Content

Whole Group Instruction

  • Early Social Studies (Grades K–2) Save 10% Now!
    Build fluency with this complete program that introduces key concepts across the social studies curriculum.
  • Discovery Links Nonfiction Big Books (Grades K–2)
    Bring nonfiction to life with Big Books aligned to Social Studies standards!
  • My World Big Books (Grades PreK–1) Save 20% Now!
    Encourage literacy and help students make real-world connections.
  • Big America Big Books (Grades 2–4) Save 20% Now!
    Focus on diversity in our culture with real-life stories of American children.
  • Big Book Favorites (Grades K–5)
    Open their world and watch their reading skills flourish with dynamic Big Books.
Nonfiction Reading and Writing Independent Reading
  • Comprehension Strategy Libraries (Grades 1–5)
    Extend comprehension instruction with high-interest leveled books for independent reading!
  • Early Social Studies Classroom Library (Grades K–2) Save 10% Now!
    Introduce key concepts in History, Geography, Government, Civics, Economics, and Culture.
  • Go Facts Classroom Library (Grades K–5) Save 10% Now!
    Build on students' natural curiosity while exposing them to models of nonfiction writing.
  • Little World Geography (Grades K–2)
    Vibrant photographs introduce basic geography in this series for emergent readers.
  • Little World Social Studies Set 1 (Grades K–2)
    Teach young readers about their communities, their country, and their government with this photo-rich social studies series.
  • Little World Social Studies Set 2 (Grades K–2)
    6 more social studies standards-based texts for guided and independent reading.
  • People Who Made a Difference (Grades 1–3)
    Meet special people who came before us and dedicated their lives to making our world a better place.
  • Communities (Grades 2–3)
    Learn about diverse communities and the roles people play within them.
  • The Kids' Career Library (Grades 2–3) Save 30% Now!
    Explore a day in the life of a veterinarian, a newspaper reporter, and other professionals.
  • American Symbols (Grades 2–4)
    Learn the origins of our flag, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and other fascinating American symbols.
  • Around the World with Food & Spices (Grades 2–4) Save 30% Now!
    Amazing facts about everyday snacks and spices.
  • Holiday Celebrations (Grades 2–4) Save 30% Now!
    Learn how some of America's most-loved holidays began and have changed over time.
  • Land of Liberty (Grades 2–4)
    Explore America's people, geography, national parks, monuments, and more.
  • Read to Learn: Social Studies Classroom Library (Grades 3–5)
    Support and reinforce learning of key themes: Communities; Regions and Resources; and Our Land and Its People.
  • U.S. Government and Civics (Grades 3–5)
    Shed light on the workings of the U.S. government from the community to the federal level.
  • United States Regions (Grades 3–5)
    Aid readers in exploring the geography, industry, agriculture, and culture that define each region.
  • Symbols of Freedom (Grades 3–6)
    Learn about the history, important leaders, and the inspiration for the symbols that represent America.
  • American Legends (Grades 3–5)
    Introduce students to legendary social figures from American history.
  • America's Past (Grades 3–5)
    Historical perspectives on colonial times, Native Americans, and kids throughout history.
  • Discover the Life of a Colonial American (Grades 4–5)
    Learn about the early colonists whose inquiring minds helped establish a new country.
  • Heroes of the American Revolution (Grades 4–5)
    Read about the thrilling lives of some early patriots.
  • The Expansion of America (Grades 4–5)
    Canals, railroads, new trails and travel routes. Join the courageous people who helped open up the vast new country of the United States.
  • Documents that Shaped the Nation (Grades 4–5)
    Get to know six of the most significant documents written before and during the early history of the United States.
  • Discover the Life of an Explorer (Grades 4–5)
    Bring students back in time to join the explorers of the New World.
  • History of America (Grades 4–8)
    17 texts about events that shaped America. Available in print and E-Book formats.
  • Timelines of Ancient Civilizations (Grades 5–6)
    A chronicle of key historical events of the ancient world for six significant geographical areas.
  • Discovering Culture and History Through the Arts (Grades 5–6) Save 30% Now!
    Important cultures, past and present, are brought to life.
  • Reading Quest (Grades 6–8)
    Achieve content area literacy with high-interest titles built around social studies and science curricula.

April 24, 2018

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Sets & Collections!

Middle Grades Book Collections
Middle Grades Book Collections

Grades K–5 CCSS Readiness Sets

Informational Text Sets

Discovery Links Nonfiction Big Books
Discovery Links Nonfiction Big Books Bring nonfiction to life with Big Books aligned to Social Studies standards!

Grade Level Collections
Grade Level Collections Specially priced collections of bestselling titles

Nonfiction Theme Sets
Nonfiction Theme Sets Help your students develop the skills and strategies they need to become strong readers.

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