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People Who Made a Difference
Grades 1 to 3

Click picture for sample pages.

Meet important Americans who made significant contributions to our country.

18 early biographies feature:

  • fascinating and useful biographical and historical information
  • engaging, primary source photography
  • simple text structures for easy accessibility
  • tables of contents, glossaries, and indexes
  • call-outs and captions

People Who Made a Difference
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationGR LevelLexile®PriceStandards Correlations
0WA-820931 Single Copy Set: 18 Books (1 each of 18 titles)     $159.00  
0WA-820934 Classroom Set: 108 Books (6 each of 18 titles)     $906.00  
0WA-820863 Jane Addams: Student Book L 600L $8.85  
0WA-820863-06 Jane Addams: Student Book 6-Pack L 600L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820869 Susan B. Anthony: Student Book L 780L $8.85  
0WA-820869-06 Susan B. Anthony: Student Book 6-Pack L 780L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820878 Alexander Graham Bell: Student Book N 570L $8.85  
0WA-820878-06 Alexander Graham Bell: Student Book 6-Pack N 570L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820870 Cesar E. Chavez: Student Book K 720L $8.85  
0WA-820870-06 Cesar E. Chavez: Student Book 6-Pack K 720L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820877 Thomas Edison: Student Book N 700L $8.85  
0WA-820877-06 Thomas Edison: Student Book 6-Pack N 700L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820879 Henry Ford: Student Book M 670L $8.85  
0WA-820879-06 Henry Ford: Student Book 6-Pack M 670L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820867 Helen Keller: Student Book J 660L $8.85  
0WA-820867-06 Helen Keller: Student Book 6-Pack J 660L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820871 Martin Luther King, Jr.: Student Book L 850L $8.85  
0WA-820871-06 Martin Luther King, Jr.: Student Book 6-Pack L 850L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820862 Abraham Lincoln: Student Book M 620L $8.85  
0WA-820862-06 Abraham Lincoln: Student Book 6-Pack M 620L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820868 Thurgood Marshall: Student Book N 720L $8.85  
0WA-820868-06 Thurgood Marshall: Student Book 6-Pack N 720L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820866 John Muir: Student Book M 660L $8.85  
0WA-820866-06 John Muir: Student Book 6-Pack M 660L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820865 Florence Nightingale: Student Book L 670L $8.85  
0WA-820865-06 Florence Nightingale: Student Book 6-Pack L 670L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820872 Rosa Parks: Student Book L 780L $8.85  
0WA-820872-06 Rosa Parks: Student Book 6-Pack L 780L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820864 Louis Pasteur: Student Book N 600L $8.85  
0WA-820864-06 Louis Pasteur: Student Book 6-Pack N 600L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820873 Jackie Robinson: Student Book K 790L $8.85  
0WA-820873-06 Jackie Robinson: Student Book 6-Pack K 790L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820874 Eleanor Roosevelt: Student Book K 690L $8.85  
0WA-820874-06 Eleanor Roosevelt: Student Book 6-Pack K 690L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820875 Eli Whitney: Student Book M 600L $8.85  
0WA-820875-06 Eli Whitney: Student Book 6-Pack M 600L $53.10 Correlate
0WA-820876 Orville and Wilbur Wright: Student Book M 580L $8.85  
0WA-820876-06 Orville and Wilbur Wright: Student Book 6-Pack M 580L $53.10 Correlate

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