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Discovery Links Science: Engineering Design Strand Set

Grades K to 5

Enhance your classroom Science Discovery Center with pre-made Discovery Links Strand Sets, organized by Next Generation Science Standards. Encourage your students to think critically, explore modern Science standards, and prepare them for the challenges facing the world in the 21st-century.

E-Book versions included with every English language 6-Pack and Classroom Set!

Selected titles also available in Spanish!
Look for the Spanish EDL below to indicate titles with Spanish editions.

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Titles in this Series Content Area Early Intv Level Guided Rdg Level Dev Rdg Assmt Spanish EDL Lexile®
What's Round? Science 1 A 1 1  
Will It Roll? Science   A      
Squares Everywhere Science 4 C 4 4 60L
Using Tools Science 3 C 3 4 90L
Wheels Science 4 C 4 4  
Parts Work Together Science   D     260L
What Will I Use? Science   D     70L
Wash Your Hands! Science   F     340L
At the Playground Science 11 G 12 14 110L
At the Science Center Science 13 H 14 16 220L
Everyone Needs Tools Science 17 J 18 20 680L
From the Earth Science 16 J 16 18 450L
Wheels at Work Science   J     560L
Getting Ready to Race Science 19 L 24 28 660L
Tested for Safety Science 19 L 24 28 710L
Machines Called Robots Science   M     690L
Bridges Science 22 N 30 34 730L
Flying Science 22 N 30 34 820L
Send a Message Science 22 N 30 34 720L
Satellites Science   O     770L
Scientists at Work Science   O     780L
Super Steel Science   O     710L
Nature Did It First Science   Q     950L
Search and Discover Science   Q     1000L
Wind Power Science   S     930L
One Thing Leads to Another Science   T     980L
Amusement Park Science Science   V     970L
Eye on the Universe Science   V     1000L


Discovery Links Science: Engineering Design Strand Set
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-828559 English Single Copy Set: 28 Student Books (1 each of 28 titles) $191.00
WA-828558 English Classroom Set: 168 Student Books (6 each of 28 titles); 28 E-Books (PDFs); 28 Lesson Plans $1,288.00
WA-828561 Spanish Single Copy Set: 13 Student Books (1 each of 13 titles) $83.00
WA-828560 Spanish Classroom Set: 78 Student Books (6 each of 13 titles) $478.00

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