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Discovery Links Science: Earth Science Strand Set 1

Grades K to 5

Enhance your classroom Science Discovery Center with pre-made Discovery Links Strand Sets, organized by Next Generation Science Standards. Encourage your students to think critically, explore modern Science standards, and prepare them for the challenges facing the world in the 21st-century.

E-Book versions included with every English language 6-Pack and Classroom Set!

Selected titles also available in Spanish!
Look for the Spanish EDL below to indicate titles with Spanish editions.

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Titles in this Series Content Area Early Intv Level Guided Rdg Level Dev Rdg Assmt Spanish EDL Lexile®
At the Beach Science 2 B 2 2  
Fall Science 2 B 2 2  
In Spring Science 2 B 2 2  
Look at the Sky Science   B      
Shadows Change Science   B      
Snow Science 2 B 2 3  
Tell What You See Science   B      
Don't Use Too Much! Science   C     120L
Measure It Science   C     430L
A River Changes Science   C     200L
Air Science   D     310L
In Summer Science 6 D 6 8 130L
What Comes from Nature? Science   D     450L
Who Was Here? Science   D     170L
About Earth Science   E     310L
The Sun Science 7 E 8 8 80L
Where Is Water? Science   E     390L
The Wind Science 7 E 8 3 130L
Winter Science 8 E 10 10 170L
Rocks Science 10 F 10 10 170L
Sharing Our Earth Science   F     330L
Sun and Earth Science   F     420L
When Winter Comes Science   F     380L
Day and Night Science 12 G 12 12 100L
Recycle It! Science 11 G 12 12 320L
Watching the Weather Science 11 G 12 12 70L
Landforms in a Park Science   H     550L
Looking at Soil Science   H     610L
Stars Science 14 H 14 16 370L
Where Does the Water Go? Science 14 H 14 14 450L
Rocks All Around Science   I     650L
Discovery Teams Science 18 J 18 20 710L
What Is Sand? Science   J     590L


Discovery Links Science: Earth Science Strand Set 1
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-828543 English Single Copy Set: 33 Student Books (1 each of 33 titles) $200.00
WA-828542 English Classroom Set: 198 Student Books (6 each of 33 titles); 33 E-Books (PDFs); 33 Lesson Plans $1,389.00
WA-828545 Spanish Single Copy Set: 15 Student Books (1 each of 15 titles) $92.00
WA-828544 Spanish Classroom Set: 90 Student Books (6 each of 15 titles) $525.00

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